Here is the most important factor for choosing Blockchain


Blockchain has no central authorities, fully Decentralized


Permanent records, no options to change in transactions. So, no alter in Blockchain records


Datas are very transparent in Blockchain Technology, ie. All participant can view all transactions


Hard to hack or destory Blockchain Applications

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a method of Data analysis that automates analytical model building, Articificial Intelligence(AI) based, that system can learn and identify pattern by its own and ability to make decision without human intervention 

All Open Sources

Able to perform on all the open source Web Applications

Content Management System (CMS)

To create and modify the digital content very quickly and efficiently too

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Approach to manage a Company's interaction with current and potential customers. To improve business relationships

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

To manage Finance, Human Resource, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Services of a company in an application

Human Resource Management (HRM)

To maximize the productivity of an organization by otimizing the effectiveness of its employees

Mobile Development

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Mobile Apps

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